Field Trips

For All Grades:

★     Leadership Camp – In the fall students who are elected to a leadership position go on a leadership retreat to be trained and mentored in becoming an effective leader.

★     Mission Trip – During our Spring Break a group of staff and students go on a Mission Trip to a variety of locations (Mexico, Peru, Navajo Mission), where they build churches, hold evangelistic meetings and Vacation Bible School for the children.  Mission trips meet the 100 hour outreach requirement necessary for graduation.

★     Ski Trip – In February, CTA takes a week off so that all who are interested can go to Colorado to ski or snowboard for a week.  The Ski Trip enables students to create lifetime friendships and gain memorable experiences and skills for years to come.

For Seniors:

★     Senior Retreat – Each fall the senior class goes on a retreat to Brownwood, Texas.  It is a time for setting goals, renewing friendships, spiritual growth, and fun.

★     American Government Trip – In October the Senior class goes on a ten-day trip to Washington D.C. Students visit our nation’s Capitol, the Smithsonians, the Washington Monument, and many others.  It provides valuable hands-on experience as to what our seat of government is like, how government works, and the history behind these institutions.

For Juniors:

★     History Trip – In April the Junior class takes a trip to the greater San Antonio area to visit historical sites pertaining to American History.  The first stop is in Austin to visit the Bob Bullock Museum of Texas History, the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidentiol Library, and our State Capitol.  Additionally, the Alamo, the Chester Nimitz National Museaum of the Pacific War, Enchanted Rock, and others are  highlights of the trip.

For Sophomores:

★     Biology  Trip – Each year, the Sophomore class takes a trip to the Big Bend region of Texas.  While there they learn about various flowers, plants, and animal life.  They hike and tour the Environmental Center while bonding with their friends.

For Freshmen:

★     Bible Camp – Each fall, the Texas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists hosts a Bible camp for Freshmen from Adventist schools throughout the Conference.  Events include Bible studies and memorization, guest speakers, and other group activities.