Algebra I – 2 semesters, 1 credit

This course consists of the study of the number system from natural to real numbers, the solving of equations and inequalities up through quadratics, and the study of manipulation of exponents, radicals and factoring.

Algebra II – 2 semesters, 1 credit

Prerequisite: Algebra I

A second year algebra course containing a review of equation properties, linear functions and relations uniform motion problems, radicals and quadratics, polynomials, functions, and complex numbers, quadratic relations and functions, polar coordinates, vectors, chemistry type problems and treatment of non-linear simultaneous equations.

Math Models – 2 semesters, 1 credit

A class designed for high school juniors who are not interested in taking pre-calculus as seniors.  The class is a review of basic Algebra 1 and Geometry concepts in preparation for successfully completing Algebra II during the senior year of high school.  This is part of the curriculum mandated by the state of Texas requiring all high school students to complete four years of mathematics study.

Geometry – 2 semesters, 1 credit

Prerequisite: Algebra 1

Designed for the average to better-than average student with a balance of theory and application. Introducing formal proofs, deductive and inductive reasoning, and indirect proofs. Emphasis is placed on plane geometry and includes some trigonometry, construction and loci, coordinate geometry and transformations.

Pre-calculus – 2 semesters, 1 credit

Prerequisite: Algebra II

A developmental course containing mathematical proofs, review of equation properties, trigonometric identities and equations, graphs of trigonometric identities and equations, logarithmic equations, polar coordinates for complex numbers, sequences, series geometric proofs, probability, geometric progressions, conic sections, matrices and determinates echelon solutions and abstract word problems.

Calculus – 2 semesters, 1 credit

Prerequisite: Pre-calculus